How can I craft a personalized approach as brand?

It is frequent to read that people want to engage with individuals not brands ! But how can we make it ?

1/ Think of your audience first… as always!

fansofchangiAs brand I would summarize the situation like this: either you think your brand is strong enough to benefit directly from its fame (and therefore you already have a huge fan based community thanks to this…

Either you don’t think you can be seen as the new Starbucks, Coca Cola or Uber… (like most brands!) it would be preferable to stand as a brand that tries to listen and deliver additional and crafted services to its consumers. I was really appealed by the Changi Airport account which name is FansofChangi and really shows how much it is key to think of your customers and fans first before thinking of yourself.

2/ stop thinking you own your communication

Customers are your most valuable assets. If among them, some are following you on social networks, they can be highly valuable in order to defend your brand and promote it!


Obviously you might not be responsible for running an airport nevertheless the Changi Airport account is interesting! Have a look at it, you’ll see that they retweet content posted by their users (by the way, the massage chairs are amazingly great, I’ve experienced it during my honeymoon! 🙂 )

OK, I did not test this! Next time maybe? 🙂


3/ Stop seeing communication as a way to… communicate!

Communications is not about communicating as soon as you can communicate. It’s about saying things that matter to your customers or stakeholders. Therefore I really appreciate today brands that try ,ot only to be transparent but which efforts lead to create trust by:

  1. Taking commitments
  2. Fulfilling them
  3. Proving they’ve done it
  4. Maintaining their efforts at long terms

Trust and social responsibility are essential: 90% of Americans say they’re more likely to trust and stay loyal to companies that actively try to make a difference (Source). I was really stuck by the Chevy campaign is my previous blog post.

Of course Chevy’s intention is first to sell its cars nevertheless it aims at engaging in this support and I personally regret french cars companies never communicate on such engaging topics (or I’ve not seen it!)

I would like to mention an interesting initiative by Vestas which created a campaign in order to fight false allegations spreading on the web regarding wind energy through a dedicated website and social media dissemination (Twitter, Facebook…)


At the moment the campaign seems to have slowed down which shows how difficult it can be to maintain the efforts for more long term for companies.

4/ Use other brand to promote yourself


Ok ok… Everybody is not friend with soccer stars or have the opportunity to establish promotional partnerships with highly valuable brands that can make you benefit from their own audiences.

But if you think of RTs, FF on Twitter, or shoutout on Instagram of co-writing articles on blogs, you can also benefit from others!

This also shows how valuable audiences are and will be whether they are composed of a huge number of fans or of specific communities.

And you, do you have any ideas of successful campaigns?

I wish you all have a good week!

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