Brands: what’s your (hi)story?

Social media are not only about stories: history matters too! Let’s have a look on some brands history on the web!

Museum Monday by Mercedes

This is a recent example launched by Mercedes on YouTube. I discovered by reading the following article on the LuxuryDaily

Among the traditional videos meant to detail new car models and bragging for innovation efforts and luxury options, Mercedes shows its history is a huge argument of its never ending will to progress, innovate and… go fast!

I really like these short videos with its main character that makes me think of Ben Stiller’s role in “A Night at the Museum”. It’s humoristic (in particular because of the difficulties Uke is experiencing in order to shot his videos) and sharing this visit with him makes you feel privileged ( or worried 😉 )

This brings me to ask myself… what are the companies that are currently using their history as a content in order to create links with customers?

Since history can be really visual and therefore contributes to the empathy and engagement with your customers… but not only!

history as a source of innovation


I immediately think of a company that doesn’t have a long story but which is so innovative and useful everyday: Google.!

I finally got disappointed by their timeline on their website… not really designed!



But obviously who could argue that Google is not an innovation driven company? We’ll have to check this in a few decades!


Then I randomly thought of companies with a longer history and seems to be there from the start in my own memories!

Within cinema and entertainment industry, I should find a few example to illustrate it!

Pathé and Disney use Facebook in order to enlighten some milestones of their history.

Ok, I must admit it,  this Disney movie is one of my favourite! 🙂


Disney also designed a YouTube channel in which you can find interviews but also highlights on some Disney’s innovation during their history:


 History is not boring… It’s about telling stories and this can be fun!


Not boring… By claiming your milestones like Johnson and Johnson and bringing valuable content to your visitors: this content is not only professional and trustworthy but educational too!


What if we would like to add  some fun? Think of Lego!

Lego Group has clearly understood how history is important for a company that would like to last for more decades. Have a look at the 17 minutes short animated to discover the really amazing, inspirational and emotional story of Lego!


And if you just want a shot of fun… Check this out! ( I remember how painful it was)



Companies caring for their history want to last

All this shows that it is not only about selling… but about being present even by claiming your past and being proud of it!

I would say that one of the aim for brands like this is also to be emotionally attached in their customers mind as a historical reference. A brand that matter not only because of its own story but because as a customer and may be a fan of this brand, would you have ever imagined to have grown up without it?

My Life Without Lego... Could you imagine?

Even if the current digital world got us used to be confronted with brands with short lifetime, other companies, historical, are using the digital to show how big they are in our hearts, minds and life!

I recently read this really an inspiring book by Jim Collins about companies with vision and I’m convinced that finding inspiration through their history and their identity also help to create long lasting perception and reputation.

Do you think of other companies histories that could be used as leverages for their employees to be more inspired than ever and for engaging their customers to be part of their history for a few more decades?

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