Discovering Asia: a few takeaways about social media in China

I’m currently attending to Online Marketing, Social Media and Mobile in Travel Asia in Hong Kong.

My main objectives are: identifying key best practices and having a better understanding of social media habits in Asia. How inspiring! I will make a few brief blog posts about what I’ve learned.

Here are a fwe takeaways that retained my attention so far about social media and challenges with digital communication in China :

Millennials by millions


China is expected to reach 400M millennials in the future.

When you consider that 93% of the millennials share their experiences, pics and reviews when they are travelling… Giving them valuable experiences is crucial!

Mobile is king

Capture d’écran 2015-02-03 à 12.21.16

Smartphones are becoming much more used that any other king of PCs or laptop, especially when it comes to consult information, share content, etc…



But applications can be a real nightmare to manage! Android app stores are numerous in China!



As well as chinese social networks?

In this landscape, some of them are only app-based social networks which give more accuracy to the previous idea!



Nevertheless Chinese social networks require to jump in: being present there is not only about having a local focused approach. Claiming you are on asian social networks can be valuable not only in order to show what are your intentions in terms of business but also that your care for your customers wherever they are!

If you have the local ressources in order to deliver accurate messages, use correctly such tools and create an interactive communication with your potential customers in China, I would suggest to jump in simply and learn fast before your competitors do!

Capture d’écran 2015-02-03 à 14.13.18

What about your own experiences? How did you get in the social media business and digital communications in China? Are you considering to do it? Did you fail to do it? Tell us more in the comments!

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