Is my content strategy really worth it?

You have decided to invest in content creation but you don’t succeed in measuring its ROI… Are your efforts still worth it? Should you continue? I should say yes for the following reasons


1/ It’s a long term strategy to learn: because you will!

I recently started learning chinese. The path seems a long path before being able to speak chinese (I don’t even say fluently). Content creation and content management can be the same for companies. Especially for companies that are accepting social media changes because social media is there and you can’t do without them today. It might be a little be easier for companies eager to use it for identified reasons

I think content creation is legitimate as soon as it can help you to improve your SEO and therefore your visibility.

It helps you to learn about this new challenges: in terms of organization, procedures, resources required to to do. Knowledge is still power, and it’s only by experimenting that you can learn easily.

I really like the example of Gibson. Because learning how to play guitar is definitely a long term strategy. But when you think that you can find on Gibson’s website lessons on how to play guitar! That’s a real valuable content for customers even if Gibson’s reputation might not require that!

Capture d’écran 2015-02-19 à 18.56.07

Gibsons has even pushed the boundaries a little bit further: you can even benefit of live guitar classes once a week via Ustream… This is really an effective content strategy!

Capture d’écran 2015-02-19 à 18.52.38

2/ If you don’t have set proper goals.. then you will

You can easily find articles claiming that you have to set proper goals. Yet, in real life, due to lack of knowledge, fear of novelty, companies can be reluctant to set specific goals on such topics: improve reputation, create awareness are the most common goals. What if you start to think of really specific goals, linked to your business objectives?

It might be difficult sometimes to find it internally due to reluctancy to change. Nevertheless you can also decide to be opportunistic. Have a look at what people are posting when they mention you. Instagram, PInterest or Tumblr are really worth it!

It can help you to identify and target third party content creators. Then you’ll have the ability to repost best pictures you’ve found on such social networks in order to promote your our business or interests

You’ll see what you can do with this content and how you can reach some customers you might have not think about… And on top of that you’ll have partially solved the question about: how am I going to create content related to my business?


3/ And what if you can’t measure it… then you will!

All companies are not entitled to be seen because of a videos buzz. Some does yet! Nevertheless these kind of metrics are really worth it. Maybe your customers community on the web is made of 2000 people. If only 200 of them have like your page or better, your most recent post, then you are already in contact 10% of them. 10% matter, don’t they?

Snapchat continues to be seen as full of potential social network but brands are still reluctant to use it. nevertheless it could be interesting to use it as a sneak peak to new collections, initiatives, hidden moment from companies. Imagine using Snapchat as a way to share with connections pictures from the backstage. Companies, organizations are frequently criticized for not being enough transparent.

Of course it would answer to a communication strategy. Yet, it could give a specific highlight that customers might be waiting for I really like the campaign of Free People (textile industry):


Then what? How could I assess the ROI of this use. The following video could help you:

All this shows how important it is to set accurate goals and to dare to set them. This is a on-going process on which you’ll learn a lot for sur and this will cost you money. But at the end creating a community dedicated and ready to learn and to interact with you is the first objective to seek. Because this community might become your next customers… or simply decide to be your best advocates!

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