Why blogging is a must: 3 powerful outcomes

Writing has always been seen as a catharsis. Of course you might not be pretending to be the next Plato or Jules Vernes (neither do I), yet writing stories has some powerful outcomes.

1/ It Brings You To Reflect

What is the story that I want to share with others? How can I bring them value by sharing my own experiences. Human beings are made of experiences. Of course, at some point you’ll have to take action and write… But before that comes a moment of worriens, lack of self esteem during which you are not sure you can make it. if so consider this before going on a blog: do you have an expertise? (For instance I started this blog considering my social media expertise)

Do you have a passion for something? (Personally, soccer and european comics are among my passions). and I’m sure that as anyone who is passionate by a specific topic, you could talk about during hours.

2/ It Develops Your Ability To Tell Stories

This one is very important to me. Indeed, it helps you to express not only ideas but to organize them in a way that matters to your audience. It is a real benefit because it will give you some habits that are not only useful for crafting speeches, pitches or any other writing materials (e-mails of course!), but also for expressing yourself in public.

In other words, you will be really aware of the necessity to adapt to your audiences. Of course, it’s not the only benefit: Finding information, organizing this collect of information are also key assets to develop when it comes to blogging. As well as using online publishing tools, from Pulse to WordPress, or analytics to track your performances.

3/ Help You To Connect

What you have to target is not only to be read. But try to connect with your readers. Either for business interests (creating leads etc…). But not only (again!) Because writing articles or stories must lead to create new contacts: around your passion or expertise in order to feed you with impressions, feelings, expectations.

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