A gif is worth thousand words… but blogging requires more! I’m a passsionate of GIF (indeed I have to adit that!) So you’ll find, for sure, GIF on this blog… But I have no plans to repalce Giphy!

giphySince I’ve been really busy with my new job since last July 2016, I thought was not able to continue to contribute here and decided to put this blog in pause mode.Or at least this is what I convinced myself with! In other words, blogging was not among my priorities.


When a New Year starts it’s the moment to set new goals. We all know that. I wrote before about the interesting topics within my professional scope ie social media marketing, digital marketing and digital transformation.

I feel the need to write again but I will widen the scope of this blog. First because blogging allows to analyze and decide better when it comes to digital new trends and changes… that are permanent.

Also because I feel like writing about what inspire me. Even if there is a risk to loose an editorial line for which readers could visit my blog. It’s a new challenge then!

But again, it’s all about taking risks or opportunities, trying and learning from such experiences!


giphy (3)Honestly, I’m still thinking about it. Digital transformation is not the whole world. I plan therefore to identify the best content I can design to run this blog frequently. So for sure, I’ll try new things some worth it, some less interesting.


Please, unknown reader passing through, feel free to give me your thoughts, expectations by leaving a comment below. But we can also connect on LinkedIn (Click Here And Be Social!), and we’ll grab a coffee to talk social media one day!

Enough talks about digital, let’s experience the Real Life!


After many considerations and having left this blog unattended for a while, it is now time to go back on track! But not any type of tracks. Social and digital are everywhere so why adding more about it? And by the way, makes me consume so much coffee!!!

The Type Of Coffee I dream of at Work
The Type Of Coffee I dream of @Work


My job is definitely a key success factor in my life and I’m really happy to work in the field I’m currently working.But more than that, what really enchants me? What really drives me a lot of emotions and satisfy my curiosity as well as my will to feeling alive?

I like to speak with my hands 😂🙌🏻[/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca

Travel! Live Concerts! Art and design Exhibitions! Street Art and comic books! Photography!

So let’s move to all these passions and transforme this blog in an experiment of miscellaneous!

Hope you’ll enyoy it!!!

Why blogging is a must: 3 powerful outcomes

Writing has always been seen as a catharsis. Of course you might not be pretending to be the next Plato or Jules Vernes (neither do I), yet writing stories has some powerful outcomes.

1/ It Brings You To Reflect

What is the story that I want to share with others? How can I bring them value by sharing my own experiences. Human beings are made of experiences. Of course, at some point you’ll have to take action and write… But before that comes a moment of worriens, lack of self esteem during which you are not sure you can make it. if so consider this before going on a blog: do you have an expertise? (For instance I started this blog considering my social media expertise)

Do you have a passion for something? (Personally, soccer and european comics are among my passions). and I’m sure that as anyone who is passionate by a specific topic, you could talk about during hours.

2/ It Develops Your Ability To Tell Stories

This one is very important to me. Indeed, it helps you to express not only ideas but to organize them in a way that matters to your audience. It is a real benefit because it will give you some habits that are not only useful for crafting speeches, pitches or any other writing materials (e-mails of course!), but also for expressing yourself in public.

In other words, you will be really aware of the necessity to adapt to your audiences. Of course, it’s not the only benefit: Finding information, organizing this collect of information are also key assets to develop when it comes to blogging. As well as using online publishing tools, from Pulse to WordPress, or analytics to track your performances.

3/ Help You To Connect

What you have to target is not only to be read. But try to connect with your readers. Either for business interests (creating leads etc…). But not only (again!) Because writing articles or stories must lead to create new contacts: around your passion or expertise in order to feed you with impressions, feelings, expectations.

Instagram is meant for you: find out how!

Many articles are claiming that Instagram is being killed with the recent changes made on the social network over the past few weeks.Posts will no longer appear in chronological order and instead be sorted “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.”

It shows how much Instagram is relying on storytelling… and of course that fans acquisition is no more a pure matter of organic reach. In other terms you have to dedicate resources to gain followers. But regarding Storytelling, it is far more than a buzz word. It has a become a key tool to market yourself or your brand. Instagram, a social network you might think is just used for selfies or posting sexy pictures but it is more than that. And you business can find a place there, even if your competitors could be already there!

1/ Find and create your story

It is all the more key on Instagram than on any major social network. You have to know what your are going to share as a company to the audiences you are targeting. To do so, the second step could help you. Yet your firstly have to find what is your ultimate goal by being visible on Instagram. Do you want to look cool? Do you want to be seen as an expert? Do you want to be considered as a creative company? All these questions are in your mind so take a break, think of it and then decide what story you want to share and where you want to go!


2/ Focus on what really matters

In other words: you have to find what has a direct impact on your activities. As a company, it can be really easy to consider that you have to share a lot of pictures about a lot of topics. You have to stick to your activities. What do they bring to your customers? How can you bring your customers to express their needs for you?

Imagine you are the owner of a Gym Club. You can of course share pictures of your place, your users (with their consent) but you could also give regular training plans to be followed in your Clubor advice for having a good meal before coming to your place

3/ Enjoy!

Because creating content is also really beneficial in order to receive feedbacks… But also because a good picture is worth a thousand words. You might spend less time than thinking of creating a post or an article. But you have to share you passion for what you are doing otherwise, the magic will not appear!


4/ Be patient… but active

Creating a community as in any kind of social networks is not a costless effort. It will require time in order to see real people following you and interacting with you.


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Employee advocacy has a value, use it!

As a brand, you can count on many leverages in order to promote your products and your company values. Over the past few years, I’ve been in touch with many companies that were really afraid of their own employees.

Obviously, it is legitimate for a company to be vigilant regarding confidentiality matters, regulation constraints due to specific market requirements (Pharmaceutical or Food Industry for instance) or considering potential communications crisis. Some don’t fear for it!


Don’t neglect word to mouth importance

Yet, word to mouth is still key when it comes to reputation and gaining new grounds or markets therefore you can rely on your own customers… But not only, your brand image as a company is also an important value that can be really important in buyers decisions… as well as to potential candidates.

My few advice in order to have a good overview on how you can leverage a real employee advocacy program would be the following:

1/ Rely on true social media policy

It requires time and resources but it’s worth it! Otherwise, how would you want to be clear in terms of expectations? You have to define, communicate , explain and sustain your own guidelines in order to raise your employee awareness regarding the benefits and the risks associated to such communications.


2/ Identify your first champions…

And challenge them (if you can!). Feed them with these guidelines, make regular meetings with them in order to feed them with key elements to share (information, infographics, etc…) or to be fed by them (I must confess I’m a big fan of AS Monaco… Congrats to AS Monaco who surprised be yesterday night against PSG… who are the league 1 champions!)


3/ Unleash the beast!

At some point, you’ll have to trust them (which does not exclude to control what they do) but the tone requires to be authentic. And you require to have some doers in your teams. Otherwise, you’ll be engaged in long time running talks that would turn to be less productive than the experience it self!


What about you, how would you proceed to do so? Are you part of an employee advocacy program in your day to day job? Would you like to?

Monday! Cheers it’s social media week #SMW16

From February 22th to 26th, If you don’t have your ticket I can only invite you to join the event by following the live tweet you can follow on Twitter through #SMW16 (but I’m pretty sure some tweets will be using the hashtag #SMW.

I don’t have the opportunity to attend to it in one of the city in which this events will happen this year (Jakarta, Hamburg, Lagos, and New York).

But before going on Twitter, you are interested in knowing which are the topics that will be addressed?

Following this link, you could find a very detail abstract of the content to be shared during the coming days!

Among the topic I’ll be interested in and might be live tweeting about I picked the following ones (as detailed in the article available through the link above):

SMW New York

imgres-1Facebook’s Head of Marketing for North America outlines the future of communications: The shift to mobile has already happened, and it’s radically changing the way businesses and people connect. Facebook’s Head of North America Marketing,Michelle Klein, joins SMW New York for a discussion on the new kinds of tools and groundbreaking innovations completely transforming the way we communicate.

BuzzFeed will explain their unconventional lessons to growing social audiences: In an interactive presentation, BuzzFeed’s social experts will discuss how they helped successfully build the largest social audiences in media by rethinking the way the industry sees social media editors, content, and distribution. They’ll cover how BuzzFeed stuck to scrappy and unconventional ways of thinking to create content for every social platforms, and how they used data to inform their strategies.

SMW Lagos


The challenges that publishers face for building engaged audiences: The Future Of Africa’s Media In A Platform-Agnostic Age” hosted by Quartz is an intimate panel discussion exploring the unique challenges publishers face in delivering on the promise of being all things to all audiences in this still relatively early stage of building digital platforms in Africa.

SMW Jakarta

How augmented reality is changing the physical world around us. There will be a talk on augmented reality’s potential to change the way we see the world around us, and which smartphone apps are using AR to seamlessly integrate into our daily decisions.

How social data can help take the guesswork out of planning and community management: Roy Simangunsong (Country Head, Twitter Indonesia) will present “The Rise Of Social Data – Planning Winning Engagement Strategy” for attendees to learn how social data can help take the guesswork out of planning and engagement efforts in today’s social world with brands and agencies pushing out content every moment of the day.

What about you? What are the sessions you are interested in or want to attend to?

Snapchat: brands, ready to get naked?

In response to my previous post, you’ll find within this article a few arguments in favor of the use of Snapchat for business purposes. Stating that Snapchat is trendy and that politicians or institutional actors take this leap of faith nowadays isn’t enough to consider if snapchat should be integrated to your communications efforts…

Capture d’écran 2016-01-26 à 12.21.27

Indeed, as in any communications plans you design you’ll have of course to determine if your target audiences use it or could be willing to use it before launching it… Yet, once you’ve done your homework, if you’re looking for the following effects within your audience, then it my be really useful!

Create more proximity with you customers

I think one of the main aspect to consider with Snapchat is the big opportunity to create more proximity and even some intimacy. Think of all these people sharing pictures of them on Snapchat. I would say that bands have to keep in mind this kind of mood. You can’t replicate what you do on other social networks. You have to adapt. In other words, I’m not saying that you should share nude pictures of your CEO but you have to give pictures of your company or your products that are not seen anywhere else.

Capture d’écran 2016-01-25 à 14.12.40

Backstage pictures are typically a good and valuable content to be shared on Snapchat. In France the famous L’Equipe, a sports daily newspaper signed an exclusivity contract with the Ballon d’Or organization in order to provide its followers with backstage pictures of this ceremony.

In other words: try to surprise them!

Snapchat is definitely the place to make surprise announcement. It strengthens the proximity you can have with your customers or readers by giving them preview or teasers from your future services and offers or during special events (Miss Universe 2015 ceremony below)

Capture d’écran 2016-01-26 à 11.54.52

You have to surprise them, and the best surprise I know is the gift you can give them! You have to create some content which is really original, genuine and unexpected. You ability to design unexpected communications will encourage people to follow you in order not to miss it!

In order to facilitate the success of your call to actions!


Through reminders, you’ll give them more chance not to miss your content. think for example of HBO sending snaps before some of their tv shows, making sure their audience will not forget to watch live their latest favorite show.

Propose special promotions and operations: converting your audiences into customers should be your prior target like MacDonald’s did during 2015 Superbowl.

They reminded their customers that they were able to pay with Lovin during a short period: Mac Donald’s U.S. restaurants have been letting some customers pay for orders during the past two weeks with fist bumps, kind words, and other behavior qualifying as—per the official rules—”a random act of Lovin’. OK, I admit, Mac Donald’s didn’t use it genuinely as a particular way to create a reaction towards its community but the idea was there. Why not asking people to send their snaps of having a Mac Donal meal in front of the match in order to benefit a special discount even gift in their Mac Donald for example… Plenty of call to actions could be designed… Costly or not, but at least with considering of making it happen differently and again create real interactions with the customers!

But we could simply imagine to use Snapchat as a way to give your customers special fares and gifts only available through this channel (exclusivity again!). What about you, what would you expect from a brand you’re following on Snapchat?