A gif is worth thousand words… but blogging requires more! I’m a passsionate of GIF (indeed I have to adit that!) So you’ll find, for sure, GIF on this blog… But I have no plans to repalce Giphy!

giphySince I’ve been really busy with my new job since last July 2016, I thought was not able to continue to contribute here and decided to put this blog in pause mode.Or at least this is what I convinced myself with! In other words, blogging was not among my priorities.


When a New Year starts it’s the moment to set new goals. We all know that. I wrote before about the interesting topics within my professional scope ie social media marketing, digital marketing and digital transformation.

I feel the need to write again but I will widen the scope of this blog. First because blogging allows to analyze and decide better when it comes to digital new trends and changes… that are permanent.

Also because I feel like writing about what inspire me. Even if there is a risk to loose an editorial line for which readers could visit my blog. It’s a new challenge then!

But again, it’s all about taking risks or opportunities, trying and learning from such experiences!


giphy (3)Honestly, I’m still thinking about it. Digital transformation is not the whole world. I plan therefore to identify the best content I can design to run this blog frequently. So for sure, I’ll try new things some worth it, some less interesting.


Please, unknown reader passing through, feel free to give me your thoughts, expectations by leaving a comment below. But we can also connect on LinkedIn (Click Here And Be Social!), and we’ll grab a coffee to talk social media one day!

Enough talks about digital, let’s experience the Real Life!


After many considerations and having left this blog unattended for a while, it is now time to go back on track! But not any type of tracks. Social and digital are everywhere so why adding more about it? And by the way, makes me consume so much coffee!!!

The Type Of Coffee I dream of at Work
The Type Of Coffee I dream of @Work


My job is definitely a key success factor in my life and I’m really happy to work in the field I’m currently working.But more than that, what really enchants me? What really drives me a lot of emotions and satisfy my curiosity as well as my will to feeling alive?

I like to speak with my hands 😂🙌🏻[/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca

Travel! Live Concerts! Art and design Exhibitions! Street Art and comic books! Photography!

So let’s move to all these passions and transforme this blog in an experiment of miscellaneous!

Hope you’ll enyoy it!!!

Monday! Cheers it’s social media week #SMW16

From February 22th to 26th, If you don’t have your ticket I can only invite you to join the event by following the live tweet you can follow on Twitter through #SMW16 (but I’m pretty sure some tweets will be using the hashtag #SMW.

I don’t have the opportunity to attend to it in one of the city in which this events will happen this year (Jakarta, Hamburg, Lagos, and New York).

But before going on Twitter, you are interested in knowing which are the topics that will be addressed?

Following this link, you could find a very detail abstract of the content to be shared during the coming days!

Among the topic I’ll be interested in and might be live tweeting about I picked the following ones (as detailed in the article available through the link above):

SMW New York

imgres-1Facebook’s Head of Marketing for North America outlines the future of communications: The shift to mobile has already happened, and it’s radically changing the way businesses and people connect. Facebook’s Head of North America Marketing,Michelle Klein, joins SMW New York for a discussion on the new kinds of tools and groundbreaking innovations completely transforming the way we communicate.

BuzzFeed will explain their unconventional lessons to growing social audiences: In an interactive presentation, BuzzFeed’s social experts will discuss how they helped successfully build the largest social audiences in media by rethinking the way the industry sees social media editors, content, and distribution. They’ll cover how BuzzFeed stuck to scrappy and unconventional ways of thinking to create content for every social platforms, and how they used data to inform their strategies.

SMW Lagos


The challenges that publishers face for building engaged audiences: The Future Of Africa’s Media In A Platform-Agnostic Age” hosted by Quartz is an intimate panel discussion exploring the unique challenges publishers face in delivering on the promise of being all things to all audiences in this still relatively early stage of building digital platforms in Africa.

SMW Jakarta

How augmented reality is changing the physical world around us. There will be a talk on augmented reality’s potential to change the way we see the world around us, and which smartphone apps are using AR to seamlessly integrate into our daily decisions.

How social data can help take the guesswork out of planning and community management: Roy Simangunsong (Country Head, Twitter Indonesia) will present “The Rise Of Social Data – Planning Winning Engagement Strategy” for attendees to learn how social data can help take the guesswork out of planning and engagement efforts in today’s social world with brands and agencies pushing out content every moment of the day.

What about you? What are the sessions you are interested in or want to attend to?

10 take aways about the Corporate Social Media Summit in NYC #CSMNY

I landed a few days ago from my flight back home from New York and decided to wrap up some of the main take aways I had after this conference.
No offense with the participants I would not mention in this short post but you’ll find in this short article a subjective vision of some points that really made an echo for me due to my own previous experiences, convictions, etc…

1/ Infobesity… Always!

Not my favorite moment of the conference, yet people among the attendees seemed very moved by this concept. This concept has long been shared in Europe as one of the constraints that impose the companies to find the needle in the stack. Yet here, it’s interesting to see that this concept is not just a concept. Infobesity is not a danger, it’s a warning about your need to look at the accurate information, metrics and remind us that we have to be agile in our social media monitoring or strategies. Always adapt, refine, change. In my opinion, in a way, I would say that dealing with infobesity as an asset is a key to success.

2/ Customers’ delight in the end

Customer relationship is a big challenge. But it’s not the end of the journey! Being able to answer with the same tone and with a propos brings more that satisfaction. You can now impress your customers like NBC who designed specific content during the Superbowl for instance.

3/ Agility helps to reach your goals

To me a value which is directly linked to customers delight. If you want to achieve this customers delight then it is required to be flexible: not only in terms of organisations and processes, but your team members must be creative… and fun! Spotify is a refence when it comes to answer to their customers by designing spotify playlists as answers!

4/ Customer relationship can (must?) be cool

Social media listening used as a way to understand customers expectations and create adequate content is key. You have to understand your context and your customers expectations. In other words, people want answers. But who said that you have to use a bored tone to express it? Dollar Shave club shared a few examples sometimes… explicit!

5/ SoMe is not PR

Obviously! Customers care for valuable information. You have to craft your messages and contents and not csocial networks a another way to push your PR contents.

6/ B2B can use SoMe

Of course, I work for a company also focused on B2B customers. Interesting to see that when it comes to B2B, SoMe is also seen as an efficient tool. Zoetis (veterinarian products) use the power of tools like facebook to target their priority target (veterinarians) and feed them with valuable content to sustain their activity.
Capture d’écran 2015-06-22 à 11.36.13

7/Don’t underestimate your customers’ power

Crowdsourcing is definitely one of the best leverage available nowadays if you want to create things and be in line with your customers expectations. Yet every companies are not comparable to Lego.

8/ If you’ve read so far…

It is actually a fake 10 points… I will only have 9 but… Thanks for having read so far!

9/ What about the others?

Periscope, Reddit ( I mean THE front page of the web), Snapchat, the importance of the search through Search Engines and their impact on reputation were not mentioned a lot… but well, choices must be made! And social media are under a constant evolution. Let’s learn a few years more about it!

10 I’ll be back!

Panelists were great with full of insights and experiences to share, the red velvet cupcake was awesome, location… perfect! I mean… NYC! Brooklyn! You see what I mean right? People as a whole, friendly..
For sure one of the most interesting social media conference I had the opportunity to attend to over these past two years!

Social media strategy: long live the ROI!

After having let this blog for a little while (2 months!) I finally have the chance to write again. On eof the main topic I have today is the ROI of social media. Many things have already been said for years (I remeber when I started working in social media business and people saying efforts where not measurable)

Yet it is reall surprising that such debate still exists. But within a company, how can we engage money without determining KPI that will assess if your efforts are worth it.


How can we measure what we do?

If you are company your first intention is to sell something: a product, a service, your own image or your reputation. In other words, you want to create awareness and then count on this awareness in order to generate an interaction.

Measuring something implies that you kow what you are looking for.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

Therefore, if you want to adjust, correct and improve what you do you really need to measure what you do.

What can be this indicators?

You are launching a LinkedIn page for your business. You plan to recruit through LinkedIn? this is clearly a good indicator to find out if the personn you’re going to recruit has been applying through LinkedIn.

You have a facebook page dedicated to your online shop? Share coupons only available on the Facebook page in order to measure the number of people watching at your content on Facebook.

You want to increase your reputation? Launch your social media plan and measure if it results in effects like: questions about your products by potential customers. Once you’ve engaged with them, ask them to post about their experiences on this same facebook page.

Design your own KPI

Of course this kind of measures are not scientific measures. Yet they deserve to be collected and analyze. And if the volume is not sufficient in comparison to your sales, then you might be considering to finetune the metrics, change it and find new ways to measure your activity. In other words, you are unique, you know your business but try to think outside of the box in order to find more accurate metrics…

But be sure that it won’t be a waste of time to find out your own indicators instead of using standardized ready to use data (like impressions on facebook). Of course it can be tempting to use already existing indicators, but don’t be lazy!


Don’t forget that the metrics you’ll defined will be all the more accurate if they take into consideration the all customer journey! Efficient metrics will lead to real ROI and increase your customers and audiences satisfactions for sure!

Online reputation: how to be more visible on LinkedIn?

You have decided to be more visible on LinkedIn?

Either for preparing a near future made of applications to new jobs?Either to be more influential and create new contacts for your business?

Here are a few ideas of interactions that can lead to more visibility to do so!

1/ Optimize your profile regularly


Optimizing your profile is key on LinkedIn. Having a good looking and adequate picture is the first thing you need to improve, check and things to be proud of. Many articles deal with that, but still today, many people have not yet understood that your profile picture is the first thing people seen on LinkedIn… and sometimes are even looking for! (Just in case… it is not a dating site!)

Having a cover picture that could reflect your business but why not using it as way to express your creativity too or something you are attached too?

Nevertheless, written content is also dramatic! By adding new competencies or by adding details to your profile you become more visible: every content you write on your profile is SEO sensitive which means that a search through LinkedIn or Google can show it! Elementary my dear Watson! 🙂


2/ Share articles with you community


Second major step to be considered. OK, you’ve done great things in your life, nevertheless it would be inappropriate to change your profile picture every week (even if I think that it could be interesting if you are a travel photographer for instance…)

Therefore another interesting feature on LinkedIn is the possibility to share articles or content like infographics, or presentations. By becoming a regular poster on LinkedIn, and necessarily by posting interesting content in order to nourish your community, your profile will be more frequently visited  and these will help you to create new connections.

Once you feel really confident with what you posted and how to react others comments then you could consider of enter in the discussion with other influencers!

3/ Interact with others activities

readenoughBy liking the content shared influencers: simple but efficient! Do it wisely by selecting the content you like. it’s really frequent to have connections that publish real valuable information but no one interact with it. By doing it you will give your connections more confidence and create a link with him/her.

Or by commenting it: someone is publishing an article or infographics. If you are familiar with this topic an think you can enrich this content by giving your own insights, do it. People generally appreciate it, can even thank you for that which is finally a recommendation that really matters and allow to be noticed by people who are not yet in your network.

But being visible on LinkedIn is not only a matter of being active on LinkedIn.

4/ Connect your profile with you other social media presences

follow-me-murad-osmann-20You have to try to drive attention to what you do and who you are.

To do so, you whole online presence and e-reputation will become a fishnet in which you want to attract new fishes, i.e. new contacts.

For instance,if you are blogging or using a Twitter profile to tweet regularly, use is! By mentioning your LinkedIn profile, what you post and create will be directly linked.

As a result, being active on various social media assets increase your potential to be seen!

Nevertheless these assets require time to use them, optimize them and monitor them frequently.

Nevertheless it can be really valuable in order to create new connections… of course. But is is also the first step to manage your own personal branding!

Have a quick explanation of what personal branding is!

By the way, don’t forget to connect with me, follow me or like my blog, and who knows, we might have the chance one day to share our opinions regarding these topics 🙂

Digital: Think before logging in!


I’m currently working on this project in order to share my thoughts regarding content,  social media, digital, brand strategy… And remember, before loging in, log out and think what are your audiences and customers expectations!


Je peaufine actuellement le lancement de ce blog dédié aux contenus, médias sociaux, e-reputation, digital, stratégie de marques… D’ici-là, souvenez-vous, avant de se lancer, réfléchissez à ce qu’attendent vos audiences ou clients!


Estoy trabajando al desarollo de este blog para compartir mis pensamientos a proposito de los contenidos, medios sociales, online reputacion, digital y strategia de marcas… Siempre recuerdas que el mas importante no es de connectar online sino de preparar lo para satisfacer sus audiencias y clientes!



See you soon! A bientôt! Hasta luego!