Social media: be open minded as a brand, break down the barriers!

“Do you think this new Facebook campaign is gonna be good or bad for us?”

In spite of having run several social media campaign in your company, you’re still facing people explaining that you will sooner or later learn how bad could social media be for a brand.

It is a risk of course, but a risk which is worth it for many reasons. One of the most important to me is that you’re finally meeting your customers, the general public who can also even not know your brand but can be mooved by your brand!

Then, what are the challenges you have to face daily to create your audience satisfaction?

Create content you’re proud of!

“Good content always has an objective; it’s created with intent. It therefore carries triggers to action.” Ann Handley.

I really like this campaign. #LikeaGirl is no more something that must be seen as insultant, it is something that matters, it’s about respect and confidence! This video is really great because it shows how child are confident and reluctant to accept social determinism.

Besides Always had the good idea to create use this hashtag as a way to compliment someone.


It also about saying that sex equality is already there, of course not everywhere but signs of it are there and should not be forgotten; if you think that only huge muscle guys can play football in the US… Then I think Always can proove you that you’re wrong!

Always has even become one of the official sponsor of the Superbowlalways2

If this tiny little voice in your head is saying, “are you sure you want to do it like that” it migth be a sign of the potential difficulties you might be facing.

Still, at some point you’ll have to jump in, and experience in the reality if you concerns or expectations where right or not. But you’ll necessarily discover new ones and already have to accept it!

Accept criticism…

You’ve worked a lot on that campaign but people don’t like it. Worse you have to face a lot of criticisms…

Critics are not necessarily dramatic if you seize it as a good leverage to change things … and if you have the ability to change things!

It becomes a little bit more dramatic when you’ve created something that you thought could be fun… but is outrageous for your audience. Take a look at what happen to this cute dog in Go Daddy’s commercial that was initially planned to be broadcasted during the Super Bowl final!

I’m a really cute dog but Go Daddy was not very cool to me in their advertising (He’s too cute, I’m gonna rescue him and we’ll become best friends forever:-) )


Do you even imagine if they have decided to keep this  advertising programmed for the most viewed sports event in the year in the US?

In France, the 3 Suisses a online shop was accused of having used the wave of emotion generated by the #JeSuisCharlie on its twitter account.


Some of the web users decided to answer by creating sarcastic content like the following:


All these examples show how much it is still important today to be priorly worried of what emotions brand messages can create nowadays. And since an emotion is created by the brand, internet users also have the power to answer to it and create another kind of emotion: indignation that could lead to boycott or massive critics online.

Answer to your critics!

Critics might no be easy to handle and sometimes you can only apologize and moove on. US Airways didn’t have anymore things to do when they accidentally posted an obscene picture on their Twitter!


In many cases, critics are not directly linked to controversial actions or communications from a brand.

Therefore critics must be seen as a good opportunity. In a way, they can show that people are caring for what you’ve said. Maybe you have just mistaken in the way you express yourself. Such feedbacks are valuable in order to wonder if the content you’ve designed is really accurate or not.

And may be it’s the time for you to apologize and correct things, not necessarily within your campaign or your communications, but sometimes directly regarding the quality of the products or services you’re proposing.

It can also reveal a lack of organization and resources diretcly in the structure of the company. And if you don’t want such situation to happen, you have to do something!

What if we don’t have any answers to bring, either in terms of communications or organization?

Let go… if you are convinced you’ve done your best!

trollYou can’t manage everything. At some point you just have to let things go. because in today economy, things no more belong to you.

Communities and customers own your brand and you owe them to be good in what you do and what you bring to them!

But remember that some people might be just excellent at trolling your feeds:  if you are facing obvious and inflammatory statements that are meant to bait people into reacting. ..Welcome! You’re not watching at the Lord of The Ring yet, you’re facing a troll! Whatever upsetting it might be, be reasonnable, don’t think that answering must be systematic: do not feed the troll!

What about you, what are the best campaigns you have in mind, the worst, what are the lessons you’ve learned from it?

How can I craft a personalized approach as brand?

It is frequent to read that people want to engage with individuals not brands ! But how can we make it ?

1/ Think of your audience first… as always!

fansofchangiAs brand I would summarize the situation like this: either you think your brand is strong enough to benefit directly from its fame (and therefore you already have a huge fan based community thanks to this…

Either you don’t think you can be seen as the new Starbucks, Coca Cola or Uber… (like most brands!) it would be preferable to stand as a brand that tries to listen and deliver additional and crafted services to its consumers. I was really appealed by the Changi Airport account which name is FansofChangi and really shows how much it is key to think of your customers and fans first before thinking of yourself.

2/ stop thinking you own your communication

Customers are your most valuable assets. If among them, some are following you on social networks, they can be highly valuable in order to defend your brand and promote it!


Obviously you might not be responsible for running an airport nevertheless the Changi Airport account is interesting! Have a look at it, you’ll see that they retweet content posted by their users (by the way, the massage chairs are amazingly great, I’ve experienced it during my honeymoon! 🙂 )

OK, I did not test this! Next time maybe? 🙂


3/ Stop seeing communication as a way to… communicate!

Communications is not about communicating as soon as you can communicate. It’s about saying things that matter to your customers or stakeholders. Therefore I really appreciate today brands that try ,ot only to be transparent but which efforts lead to create trust by:

  1. Taking commitments
  2. Fulfilling them
  3. Proving they’ve done it
  4. Maintaining their efforts at long terms

Trust and social responsibility are essential: 90% of Americans say they’re more likely to trust and stay loyal to companies that actively try to make a difference (Source). I was really stuck by the Chevy campaign is my previous blog post.

Of course Chevy’s intention is first to sell its cars nevertheless it aims at engaging in this support and I personally regret french cars companies never communicate on such engaging topics (or I’ve not seen it!)

I would like to mention an interesting initiative by Vestas which created a campaign in order to fight false allegations spreading on the web regarding wind energy through a dedicated website and social media dissemination (Twitter, Facebook…)


At the moment the campaign seems to have slowed down which shows how difficult it can be to maintain the efforts for more long term for companies.

4/ Use other brand to promote yourself


Ok ok… Everybody is not friend with soccer stars or have the opportunity to establish promotional partnerships with highly valuable brands that can make you benefit from their own audiences.

But if you think of RTs, FF on Twitter, or shoutout on Instagram of co-writing articles on blogs, you can also benefit from others!

This also shows how valuable audiences are and will be whether they are composed of a huge number of fans or of specific communities.

And you, do you have any ideas of successful campaigns?

I wish you all have a good week!

Starting blogging, the day after: how to create content?

Here I come. i’ve done it. The blog is online and has welcome its first (and few or happy few?) visitors.

First a thousand thanks for your first visits. Now serious things begin! What content I’m going to share? How can I create interesting content? Here is the checklist I have in mind. Before future optimizations!

1/How can I find ideas to create a interesting article?

We-Need-You1-324x500Thanks to you: all your propositions will be considered! From social medias initiatives, questions and request of advice. I’ll try to do my best , so feel free to comment and share your own views!

Thanks to content curation: I’ve tested a couple of tools to do it. Google Alerts can be a good start in order to be informed of new articles about a specific topic (wether you are interested in fooding and sports…) bu as soon as you need to monitor different topics and specific sources other tools are more efficient. Personally I will use a combination of tools:, LinkedIn and Twitter. My experience of tools for content curation will certainly be the focus of one of my future articles by the way 😉

2/ What can I do from my ideas?

Start drafting it! Everything you’ve been experiencing can be inspiring! Try to synthesize, analyze and summarize: you’re experience, feeling, failures, interrogations are worth it! And the expertise we can find by analyzing all this can help us to be more effective in the future! Here is an example of what inspired me today:

3/ But… what am I going to blog about after my first article?

I’ve not decided yet of the frequency on which I will be able to post valuable content. A post a day from Monday to Friday seems to be ambitious but I’m gonna try.

As a result, I’ll have to work on a planing for the next few days in order to benefit from a frame that will help me to assess if I can reach this ambition or if I have to consider differently.

4/ Then… I’ll optimize the content… but how?

By working the SEO my dear Gromitt!!!

Google SEO

“Content management, content strategy, social media or SEO”…A few words not intended to be assimilated to “name dropping”. They will give more visibility to these articles… but will before that be the core thematics to be debated on this blog!

A content is designed to be seen, shared, discussed on social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc…) not to be forgotten on the web!

And by working the design!

Blog Evolution

As I’ve just said, content must be seen! Pictures, videos, infographics are some of the best tools to use in order to give simple and clear information (Link)

Of course this blog’s design is also important and will necessarily evolve in the coming weeks, days! And I would like top apologize already for the first mistakes that will be done or that are already done!

5/ Then… I’ll try to promote my articles!

Sounds quite mysterious when I use the word dissemination… I hope the following image will help to visualize the idea


I have personally decided to share the content I post via Twitter, a Facebook page, Scoopit, my LinkedIn profile… I’m still new but I’m considering of contributing to blogs in order to extend my community… but one step at a time.

First learning to walk and then I’ll do my best for running… because social media run!!!


🙂 Enjoy your week end! 🙂

Digital: Think before logging in!


I’m currently working on this project in order to share my thoughts regarding content,  social media, digital, brand strategy… And remember, before loging in, log out and think what are your audiences and customers expectations!


Je peaufine actuellement le lancement de ce blog dédié aux contenus, médias sociaux, e-reputation, digital, stratégie de marques… D’ici-là, souvenez-vous, avant de se lancer, réfléchissez à ce qu’attendent vos audiences ou clients!


Estoy trabajando al desarollo de este blog para compartir mis pensamientos a proposito de los contenidos, medios sociales, online reputacion, digital y strategia de marcas… Siempre recuerdas que el mas importante no es de connectar online sino de preparar lo para satisfacer sus audiencias y clientes!



See you soon! A bientôt! Hasta luego!